A mother’s love

“Something lost.”

Before she knew it, her house, her children, and her dignity were gone, and she had nothing.

“Not abandoned or thrown away, just lost.”

They said it was for the good of everyone, that they were safe now, that she was now safe.




“What is left is a hole of space, sucking everything in and letting nothing out.”

Marie was never immune to sadness before it all happened. But at least, then, she wasn’t popping pills or banging her head against the wall.

“Once something is lost, everything else seems to follow.”

She was locked up in that place, the padded walls, the piss stains, and the indents of her nails on the door were the only decorations.

“But like everything else, life goes on.”

She had someone to talk to. Not her therapist, but other souls who have lost so much.

“Begin to build it back up again…”

She played board games, had friends, and didn’t scream in her sleep anymore.

“…and slowly, happiness will follow.”

Marie meeting her lawyer the next day. She will see her kids once again.


The only word we need


It cannot be described.

No word can capture the true weight it can hold in our hearts.


Every person has experienced it at least once in their life.

Either on the receiving end or the giving end.


It can bring a plethora of emotions,  a spectrum that can range from hurt and sadness,  to peace and happiness.


A one syllable world that represents so much,  holds more meaning than the secret of the universe.

Sometimes it’s simple.  Sometimes it’s not.


You can live it in all shapes and sizes,  colors and aspirations.

All that matters is that you feel something.


Does it ever end?



You decide.


It cannot be summed up in the words,  because there is no need for words.

You know when it’s there.


If all goes well,  something is wrong.

It’s supposed to make you feel a cyclone of emotions.

And if it does not,  it’s not love.




Uninvited Guest

It’s the silent killer.

It creeps in every crevice,

every pocket of comfort,

every secure place.

It sneaks into our body,

snaking over each and every surface.

It is the ultimate uninvited guest.

No one can escape the infinite tendrils of terror and sickness.

It is inconspicuous but is in every home in America…

and beyond.

The villain that invades our homes,

is dust.

Beautiful Addiction

They say I was dancing when I came out of my mother’s womb.

That the melody of life moved me.

That it opened my eyes and started my heart.


When other kids were learning a, e i, o, u, I was learning do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do.

It is part of my DNA, ingrained in the tissues of my brain.

It is my second language, instead of Spanish. German, or French I speak the language of music.

A language that can have a myriad of words, or none at all.


Music is that drug that I have an endless supply of,

my stash never going empty,

my hunger for it never going unquenched.

I crave it every single day,

I itch for that high it gives me, lifting me up into the infinite light.


Every hour, every minute, every second, my hands are yearning to press play.

Every sound I hear turns into a beat, every word a song lyric.

The thing is, there is so much variety, you think you’ve heard it all, but then you realize

the true depth of what you are hearing.

So many beats and rhythms, some ritardando, some accelerando, some high, some low.


When I am sad, it comforts me. It is that friend you can confide in, that crutch that builds you up.

It helps me go through the day with an open mind and an open heart. It fuels my will to keep on going.

When I am filled with joy, it joins in my laughter. It fills me when I am empty.

All I do, I do it for the music in me.


I will never let go of this madness that holds me. This madness that loses my grip on reality.

Together, me and the music, we will embark on this journey.


The journey that explores the bond between who I am and who music makes me become.



I am certain. 

I know what I want, when I want it. 

But at the same time,  I’m ambivalent. 

In the face of what I need to do,  my responsibilities,  the choice isn’t as easy. 

I try to be altruistic. 

Be generous, kind,  not stingy or selfish. 

I don’t want to disparage anyone. 

To look down on them for differences.  

We are all one,  and we should treat each other with respect. 

No matter what,  age,  gender or sexuality, 

disparity should not exist. 

See the world through someone else’s eyes. 

My goal is to engender. 

To produce something new in this world. 

Something great. 

We should not lament the horrors of this world,

  but em brace the good we have,

 and work to make things better. 

The beautiful world around us should not be used prodigaly,  

But with love and care,  for it’s resources. 

Our journey may be obscure, 

But our goal is not. 


I am in my own worl-,

no, universe.

It’s just me, myself, and these rhythmic beats.

Music is my lifelong companion.

Music never leaves me.

Music cheers me up whenever I’m down.

Music gives my life, when I feel I don’t deserve one.

Music…saves me.

Everything else is just background noise.

A faint buzzing that fades in and out of my ear.

Not once reaching my mind.

My mind is completely encaptured by the highs and lows,

the lyrics and meanings,

and the falsettos and vibratos.

I just put my earbuds in and,

I have finally reached perfect happiness.




Below is a link to some of my favorite songs, that just makes me feel better. Make me feel bliss. Check it out! What songs make you feel good? Comment below! 🙂


The last indie playlist you’ll ever need from indiekids on 8tracks Radio.


Look up. 

Are you looking up at the sky? 

If you aren’t, you are missing out. 

Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine it. 

You probably can. 

We under appreciate the ever present cloud. 

It’s right above us,  all during the day. 

Maneuvering across the sky,  with the skill of a skilled dancer. 

Has the purpose of a passionate public speaker, 

And the grace of the most elegant of royalty. 

It is a chameleon that transforms colors depending on the time of day. 

It’s that friend you don’t even have to talk too,  but just look at them,  and you feel better. 

Clouds are nature’s ice cream. 

Everybody loves ice cream. 

So just remember to appreciate the clouds that hold a significance in our lives. 


New experience can transform your beliefs and views on anything around you.

 It could make you discover opportunities that you had never imagined before. 

Your prior knowledge is now challenged and enhanced.

 Greatness can definitely come from new experiences. 

 But sometimes you are overwhelmed. 

Overwhelmed by the sudden difference to your natural routine. 

Overwhelmed by all the noise and static that you are not used too. 

Overwhelmed by people here,  and people there. 

Barely having space to breath.  

Your life has just been turned around and you don’t know what to do or which way to go. 

Sure, life goes on,  but will you catch up?