Things I Love

I have a selective memory. I remember some things, and I don’t remember others. It’s very confusing. For example, someone might tell me that they are giving me a huge present for Christmas, and also that they want a specific thing like, gray slippers from Wal-mart. I will remember that I am getting a present but not to get them gray slippers from Target but from Wal-mart. It just depends. So I make lists so I remember things, and can look back to see. So here is a list for things I love:
1.Books (all of them)
2. Music ( all kinds EXCEPT country)
3. Movies (even in other languages)
4. Video Games (even though I suck)
5.The Color Red (a.k.a. the blood splatter of my enemies)
6. Netflix (I don’t watch T.V. anymore)
7. Photography (my passion)
8. Food (I actually love it)
9.Writing (also my passion)
10. Family ( and they love me…I think)Kidding!


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