Killing of the INNOCENT

Tragically, a beautiful soul died yesterday. Christina Grimmie, went up to third place on “The Voice”. How could an innocent life be taken away like that? She was shot by signing merchandise for fans. This evil person shot her and killed himself. Why did someone feel so disgusted about his life that he had to end other people’s life at the same time? To leave the world with a bang? To be remembered, even if he was a villain? She had a whole career ahead of her and this is how it had to end. Too soon.

She was only 22 years old. An age where people are just being comfortable with themselves, and discovering the world. She had a life full of opportunities, of chances and choices. She was kind, and helped so many people. But she died at the hands of a person who needed an ego boost. She impacted so many people, at such a young age. Her actions inspired people of all ages. She never deserved this. No one ever deserves this.What did she ever do to deserve this? Nothing. It doesn’t matter.

This is wrong and vile on so many levels. This act of violence cannot be allowed. But I bet, they are gonna say this guy was mentally ill, and go on with their day. But justice needs to be served, and this woman better get it.


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