We are America the Great,

Away from our ways of bringing people in crates.

We have all come from somewhere  far away,

our ancestors came so they won’t be slayed, and will have a new day.

Where freedom is within reach,

and they don’t have to keep one eye open in their sleep.

We’ve come a long way these centuries, a lot,

to become the ultimate mixing pot.

But problems arise again,

no to far from what happened then.

Should we open our borders completely,

or become a human goalie,

kicking people out with both feet.

Honesty, in my opinion,

we should not shun,

but let any human person in,

no matter their kin.

But, security is required,

to make sure nothing is conspired.

All in all, we the people,

is still in our preamble.



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One thought on “Immigration

  1. I think that part of the issue with immigration is that America, overall, is a pretty darn good place to live. There are an awful lot of people in the world who don’t have it nearly as good as we do. Really, it seems to me that security is only a minor part of the issue. When you let in a lot of immigrants, it strains social systems, necessitates higher taxes, etc. If you advocate open borders, what do you do about those issues? Is it really fair to your citizens to force them to pay for all the new people?


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