Good Life

This is a photograph of a homeless deranged man who knows little English.

Everyday he is at the intersection near my house. Just smiling. Smiling at what, I don’t know. But he is happy. He is surrounded by flies and mosquitos. Probably hasn’t bathed in months, except for when rain comes down. People pass him everyday and don’t even look twice. He has no family. I can go on with all the things that is strange about him. But I won’t. When I asked to take his picture, he agreed wholeheartedly. He smiled a huge smile and let me take my picture. I even offered him money afterwards, but he said in Spanglish, “I don’t need it, have a good day.” And just kept on smiling. That is just beautiful. A man that has faced hardship and is living on the side of the road can still wish me a good day and not accept my money. I now have a different view on poverty stricken people.

I hope you have a good life, sir.

Sometimes, poor people don’t smell too good, so love can have no nose.

-Tammy Faye Bakker


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