My Smile is Mine

All my life, I have been told to smile and have a happy face. ‘It makes you prettier”, they say. “A lady has to smile all the time”,  they say.

Why though?

Why am I forced to contort my face to their ideal expectations?  Why are you,  a person I don’t even know,  telling me to smile every time I look at you?

You don’t own me. You can’t control how I feel.  I am a person. I am my OWN person.

I smile when I want to smile.

I laugh when I want to laugh.

I’m happy when I want to be happy.

I talk when I want to talk.

And you know what’s funny? It’s always a man who tells me this. Some I have known, some I haven’t .

Why is that?

Do they just feel this urge to dictate me?  Like their responsibility, is to tell me this unnecessary information?

It’s not.  I have the right to portray my emotions, the way I want to. I am strong,  I am independent,  and even though I am a woman,  I don’t have to conform to your ideas of me.


3 thoughts on “My Smile is Mine

  1. Hahaha…. Okay you’re probably very upset about men telling you to smile. But a smile is contagious, be it a man or woman. Everyone looks happy when they smile, and it makes others happy too!

    Of course, that doesn’t mean you should smile all the time. Who does that anyways!?! You’d look like a maniac if you did 😂

    As for men telling you to smile, it’s just that a woman’s smile seems more endearing to them. Even if a man is sad or depressed himself, he will try to bring a smile on his mother’s, sister’s, friend’s or lover’s face. Because seeing them smile, he would feel better.

    So,I agree it might be a bit whacky that they keep asking you to smile, but they are just trying to find happiness in your smile. As selfish as that maybe, perhaps you could try and forgive their transgressions.

    You may or may not smile, whatever your mood dictates. I’m just telling you from a male perspective, we are all fools, so kindly forgive our silly requests for constant grinning! 😜👍


    • I see where you are coming from. But it is not my responsibility, to make them feel happiness. Even if they request for me to smile, I don’t need to. I am proud that I hold my ground and not smile when I don’t feel like it. If they want me to smile they could at least smile at me while saying it. I don’t suddenly want to smile when they ask me to. I will forgive them, but I won’t forget. ✌✌☺

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