I am in my own worl-,

no, universe.

It’s just me, myself, and these rhythmic beats.

Music is my lifelong companion.

Music never leaves me.

Music cheers me up whenever I’m down.

Music gives my life, when I feel I don’t deserve one.

Music…saves me.

Everything else is just background noise.

A faint buzzing that fades in and out of my ear.

Not once reaching my mind.

My mind is completely encaptured by the highs and lows,

the lyrics and meanings,

and the falsettos and vibratos.

I just put my earbuds in and,

I have finally reached perfect happiness.




Below is a link to some of my favorite songs, that just makes me feel better. Make me feel bliss. Check it out! What songs make you feel good? Comment below! 🙂


The last indie playlist you’ll ever need from indiekids on 8tracks Radio.


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