I am certain. 

I know what I want, when I want it. 

But at the same time,  I’m ambivalent. 

In the face of what I need to do,  my responsibilities,  the choice isn’t as easy. 

I try to be altruistic. 

Be generous, kind,  not stingy or selfish. 

I don’t want to disparage anyone. 

To look down on them for differences.  

We are all one,  and we should treat each other with respect. 

No matter what,  age,  gender or sexuality, 

disparity should not exist. 

See the world through someone else’s eyes. 

My goal is to engender. 

To produce something new in this world. 

Something great. 

We should not lament the horrors of this world,

  but em brace the good we have,

 and work to make things better. 

The beautiful world around us should not be used prodigaly,  

But with love and care,  for it’s resources. 

Our journey may be obscure, 

But our goal is not. 


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