It was dark

and desolate

and dim.

I was scared



Fear threatened

to swallow me

up whole.


I persisted.

I found the light


ignited it.

it’s okay

i will not cry.

i will not cry.

i will not cry.

i wi-

my tears continue to roll 

and rumble.

the truth is 

my mouth is stretched 

into a smile 

by my need to be okay

to be normal 



i’m not.

(but i’ve learned that 

it is okay

to not

be okay.)

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Free fall

It would be so easy to fall.

To take that one step

have everything be up to gravity

have it up to the universe to make that choice between death and pain,

to wonder ‘will they’ or ‘won’t they’

I stand on the ledge of the highest stair

feel that rush

and think

i will finally be free

It feels like summer

I am bored. 
I am restless. 
These 4 corners are not enough for my wanderlust soul.
My limbs itch to move out of the soft cocoon that is my bed.
My fingers are cramped from turning page after page in my endeavor to go to worlds beyond my suburban home.
My mind pleads “Let me out” over and over again
This is my summer vacation.

“i am enough”

My hands grip the white porcelain sink,

painstakingly holding my body upwards.

My arms become rigid,

cutting a sharp angle as they bend my body forward.

My shoulders hunch,

gradually bringing my head closer to the mirror in front of me.

My lips press against each other,

creating a grim line that stretches across my face.

My nose is broad,

a reminder of things I can change but never will.

And my eyes,

eyes that stare

eyes that seek

eyes that probe

eyes that emote more than I can ever say with words

tell me that

“i am enough”