act 2

I know that I


fess up






if I do,

I’ll have nothing left.

secrets are gold

Beautiful Addiction

They say I was dancing when I came out of my mother’s womb.

That the melody of life moved me.

That it opened my eyes and started my heart.


When other kids were learning a, e i, o, u, I was learning do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do.

It is part of my DNA, ingrained in the tissues of my brain.

It is my second language, instead of Spanish. German, or French I speak the language of music.

A language that can have a myriad of words, or none at all.


Music is that drug that I have an endless supply of,

my stash never going empty,

my hunger for it never going unquenched.

I crave it every single day,

I itch for that high it gives me, lifting me up into the infinite light.


Every hour, every minute, every second, my hands are yearning to press play.

Every sound I hear turns into a beat, every word a song lyric.

The thing is, there is so much variety, you think you’ve heard it all, but then you realize

the true depth of what you are hearing.

So many beats and rhythms, some ritardando, some accelerando, some high, some low.


When I am sad, it comforts me. It is that friend you can confide in, that crutch that builds you up.

It helps me go through the day with an open mind and an open heart. It fuels my will to keep on going.

When I am filled with joy, it joins in my laughter. It fills me when I am empty.

All I do, I do it for the music in me.


I will never let go of this madness that holds me. This madness that loses my grip on reality.

Together, me and the music, we will embark on this journey.


The journey that explores the bond between who I am and who music makes me become.


Look up. 

Are you looking up at the sky? 

If you aren’t, you are missing out. 

Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine it. 

You probably can. 

We under appreciate the ever present cloud. 

It’s right above us,  all during the day. 

Maneuvering across the sky,  with the skill of a skilled dancer. 

Has the purpose of a passionate public speaker, 

And the grace of the most elegant of royalty. 

It is a chameleon that transforms colors depending on the time of day. 

It’s that friend you don’t even have to talk too,  but just look at them,  and you feel better. 

Clouds are nature’s ice cream. 

Everybody loves ice cream. 

So just remember to appreciate the clouds that hold a significance in our lives. 

“Dream of things that have never been. Work with all you have to build your dream. Do what’s right, regardless of the cost. And if one dream ends, pack up and start building the next.”

-Some Teacher I had, many years ago


The rigid bark pierces through

the midnight black dirt.

Worms and ants crawl 

or burrow over and under the 

permanent fixtures.

Grass soars up and slices the air 

with pride.

The gray pathways twist and


Shadows watch over the area 


But even with the darkness overcast,

everything is in beautiful harmony.